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The Scarlet Letter "No Fear"

Unit 1: A Gathering of Voices

Week 8/12

Due 8/26 to Turnitin.com at 8:00 a.m.

Week 8/19

8/26: Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz (Make-up deadline is 8/28 at 8:20)

9/4: Vocabulary List
avert conduct cope invincible reconciled reserverevere sentiments arduous efficiency implements indulge
insidious irresolution spurned vigilant

9/4: Speech in the Virginia Convention

9/13: Essay (Due 9/16) : Write an essay in which you compare and contrast Henry and Franklin's views about when to compromise and when to stand firm. You should have a very brief introduction in which you clearly state your thesis, a paragraph on Henry and a paragraph on Franklin.

Henry's Speech Franklin's Speech

Make-up Deadline for both exams is 10/1 at 8:20.

9/24---Essay Exam--
9/25--MC Exam