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Extra Credit Opportunity:


10/22-Please note: Any absent student must do this assignment independently. Due Date for AIMS students is Monday 10/28.

10/23--Thanatopsis Text

Emerson Vocabulary Quiz: Make-up deadline 10/30 @8:20.

Deadline for The Scarlet Letter Essay for AIMS students!



11/1--BELLWORK QUIZ!!!!! Make-up deadline 11/7 at 8:20 a.m.

One Fine Day Assignment: On one day from 10/25-11/11, you are to have a technology-free day and live as a Transcendentalist. After you have experienced your day, complete the Pre-write .

Once you have completed the Pre-write, you will begin writing a reflective essay about your experience, using the following instructions:

11/12---Pre-writing due
11/13--Organizer due
11/18--First Draft due to Turnitin by 7:00 a.m. (See Turnitin instructions on Wiki Home Page) NO LATE CREDIT! Anyone who cannot submit to Turnitin for any reason, must email the paper to lminor@amphi.com prior to the paper deadline to receive credit!
Reflective Essay Rubric

Sample Essay Site with many sample essays

Final Draft due to TURNITIN, Sunday 11/24 no later than 8:00 p.m. REMEMBER, YOU MUST PRINT/SAVE THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER. THIS IS YOUR DOCUMENTATION THAT YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED YOUR ESSAY! For help on Turnitin, please go to the Home page of the Wiki.

Transcendentalism Today Project Due 11/12

For Romantic art and music, try the links on the Romanticism Web Quest:

Class schedule: Remember---any student who is absent (excused or unexcused) on a project work day will be required to work independently on this assignment.

11/4--Meet in Computer Lab
11/5--Meet in H306 for first part of class; then we will go to the CL
11/6--Half-day--Meet in CL
11/7--Meet in CL (full period)

11/12--Transcendentalism Today Project Due
---Bierce Vocab Quiz (Note: Because of the Transcendentalism Project, we will not have the vocab quiz on the regular day.)

The Age of Realism Unit

Red Badge of Courage Due Dates: Please note---Students are to be ready for any quiz on the day the chapter deadlines are due. If absent, it is the student's responsibility to complete the reading.

12/2---Reading Quiz over chapters 1-7.
12/3---Socratic Seminar 1
12/4---Chapters 8-12 due
12/5---Socratic Seminar 2
12/9---Chapters 13-18 due (12/9 will be a reading day)
12/10---Socratic Seminar 3 (Quiz for 13-18 today)
12/11---Chapters 19-24 due
12/13---Socratic Seminar 4

PLEASE NOTE: If a student misses a Socratic Seminar, it is the student's responsibility to submit an essay over the chapters the seminar covered. This will be due no more than two class days after the missed seminar.

Seminar 1--- Chapters 1-7-- Compare Henry's perceptions of war before and after he has experienced battle. What might Crane be trying to show through the use of these contrasts?
Seminar 2--Chapters 8-12-- Analyze the significance of Jim Conklin's death. How does Crane's treatment of Conklin's death reflect one of the major themes of the novel?
Seminar 3--Chapters 13-18--Analyze the author's attitude toward Henry. Does Crane portray Henry as a sympathetic or unsympathetic character? Why?
Seminar 4--Analyze the last six paragraphs of the novel. What do they reveal about Crane's view of war?

The Red Badge of Courage Vocab List 1

The Red Badge of Courage Text The Red Badge of Courage E-book

The Red Badge of Courage Audio RBC Audio

The Red Badge of Courage Schmoop Summary ---The Red Badge of Courage Summary (It's fine to use this in addition to the reading, but please be aware that the quiz questions will come from the novel itself.)

Fall Final Study Guide