Hi Sunshines! Welcome to my Wiki. You'll find some very helpful information, documents and links to help you be successful. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add or if things could be organized in a more efficient, student-friendly way. Below you'll find some generic writing and reading materials.

Class Policies Letter to Students

Class Procedures

Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards ACCRS

Reading Ideas

General Writing Information

How to Write a Thesis Statement
How to Write a Literary Analysis Introduction

How to Write a Critical Essay
How to Write a Body Paragraph

How to Write an SAT Essay
How to Write a Literary Analysis Conclusion

How to include Quotations

AIMS Materials and Information

Arizona Department of Education Website
Persuasive Organizer for AIMS external image msword.png Persuasive Organize AIMS.doc

Sample AIMS Exams
AIMS Sample Writing Exam AIMS Writing Exemplars
AIMS Sample Reading Exam

MLA Citation and Formatting

http://www.dianahacker.com/resdoc/ Use this for all questions about how to cite documents and how to format your essays. Use the "Humanities" link at the top.

Graphic Organizers and Pre-Writing Ideas

Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer

Lit Analysis Comparison/Contrast Organizer (with thanks to Read, Write, Think) http://www.mrscassel.com/handouts/Compare%20and%20Contrast%20Graphic%20Organizer.doc

Comparison Contrast Organizer #2 Venn Diagram

Graphic Organizer link (General) http://www.enchantedlearning.com/graphicorganizers/character/

Persuasive Writing: PAPA Square

Turnitin Information

Instructions for Turnitin

Turnitin Class Numbers:

Period 2: 6793486
Period 3: 6793507

The password is "dorado"


In-Class Essay Rubric
Out-of Class Writing Rubric
Reading Log Rubric Reading Log Rubric .xls

Sample Papers

PIE Paragraph Sample
Sample literary analyses
Frankenstein Sample Essay.doc
The Scarlet Letter Sample 2.doc

Sample Essay Introductions (Funnel style)
Sample Essay Body Paragraphs
Sample Essay Conclusions

Reading Log Anchor Papers Reading_log_1_scan0003.JPG
Reading_Log_2_scan0004.JPG Reading_Log_2_cont._scan0005.JPG
Sample AP Free Response In-class essay 2.doc


Reading Tips

Book Notes Form

Cool Book Finding Site!! Bookseer

How to Analyze Complex Texts

Rhetorical Analysis: PAPA